Year: 2020

Volume 1 – Issue 31

The Connect Conference is the Annual General Meeting of
the FCC churches when the delegates from the churches
meet together for five key purposes:

First, to receive and approve …

Volume 1 – Issue 30

Hello FCC family this is Max and Vickee and the children here at Gracevine Community Church formerly called Cranley Road Christian Church. It has been a delight to be in God’s mission and an amazing journey for the last three years…

Volume 1 – Issue 29

I am delighted to tell you that the interview panel of the Board of ForMission College, with external representation from the Validating University, have identified a suitable candidate for the post of Principal and Accountable Officer…

Volume 1 – Issue 28

The Buckie Church is going through a season of growth and
testing writes the Minister, Sam Burton. Our online presence
during the lockdown has been extremely successful. My wife,
Brittan has also had a very locally successful ladies Bible study on
Facebook live…

Volume 1 – Issue 27

FCC Connection is changing to a new look with slightly different
content. We are moving to an edition every two weeks instead of
every week. We hope you enjoy the new look and new feel.
It’s also true that the church is undergoing tremendous change…

Volume 1 – Issue 25

The BBC (radio 4) recently featured a programme called The Spark which declared “the end of greed”. It’s a provocative theme and it flows from the argument that the last few decades have been dominated by a form of destructive individualism…

Volume 1 – Issue 24

On Thursday of this week ForMission College was involved through its Journal (the Journal of Missional Practice – JMP), with an international group of church leaders, educators and thinkers from the UK, Canada and the USA…

Volume 1 – Issue 23

Being witnesses for Jesus, by pointing to him with words, works and wonders and inviting others into relationship with him… This is what we are all called to be and to do as his people. But for most of us it can seem so daunting…

Volume 1 – Issue 22

We need your thoughts. Before the pandemic struck we were planning to hold a large event for FCC church members in November of this year. That event has had to be postponed until November 2021…

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