Lynda Robinson

Volume 1 – Issue 9

Do you enjoy change? Mega pastor/author Rick Warren often says the only people who really like change are babies with dirty nappies – and some of them are not that bothered! I read recently Pope Francis has said “We are no longer in an era of change, but a change of era…

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Volume 1 – Issue 8

These last few days, the three days before Ascension Day and last Sunday, are called Rogation Days in the church calendar. It’s not a term that is familiar to most of us, but it has a fascinating history. In rural areas, Rogation days are when the church blessed the land, partly to protect it from…

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Volume 1 – Issue 2

As we approach Easter, I was sent a reflection by Jeff Fountain who is the facilitator of the ForMission College MA in Missional Leadership campus in Amsterdam. Jeff writes:

“What is the connecting thread through these stories and actions? Surely it is the fate of Israel…

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Volume 1 – Issue 1

Over the last few weeks there have been many reports of how churches are responding to the unprecedented situation where we can’t meet as normal. No church ever expected this and there was no plan ready to bring forward. But amazingly, tens of thousands of churches in the UK have…

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