Some have said that this is not so much an era of change as a change of era. There is a big difference. How do you navigate mission, ministry and evangelism in a changed era?


The FCC network is designed to help each other share the best thinking, practice and experience in this new context. We do this using a variety of styles of communication both internally within the FCC network and externally with key partners.



We publish a regular electronic newsletter designed to inform and resource local congregations.

Journal of Missional Practice

Journal of Missional Practice intended for leaders, educationalists, missional theorists and missional practitioners.


A number of videos are available to assist churches and leaders to think through current mission topics and issues.

Overseas Workers

We help FCC chuches in the UK access visas for their overseas workers.

Evangelical Alliance

We held memberhip with the Evangelical Alliance

World Convention

Connect Christians, Disciples and Churches of Christ globally every day.

Free Churches Group

We held memberhip with the Free Church Federal Council

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