We are committed to the New Testament vision that all of God’s people are given gifts and abilities. These gifts can be used to make important contributions to the local church. A great deal of training can be offered in the local church and we work to develop training that can be accessed at a local level.

Training is available for those who want to be accredited as ministers. Retreats are offered for those who are considering a call to ministry. Local training is available either on-line or in local settings.


Leadership in the context of Christian organisations carries with it a peculiar set of stresses. Mentors need a detailed understanding of these aspects of context in order to help Christian leaders build effective and relevant strategies for resilience and sustainability.

We work with Dr Rick Lewis of Anamcara Consultancy to offer quality mentoring to leaders. Contact us for details of the costs of this consultancy.

Short Courses

We are developing a number of courses that can either be offered in the local church, or with a grouping of local churches or on-line. The on-line offerings are not yet available and are in process.

  • Certificate in Local Leadership

    We call this course Multiply. It is intended for those who are beginning to enter leadership of some kind or who would like to develop their faith. There are ten major topics. These can be accessed either as a series of Saturdays or as evening sessions over a longer period. Topics include:

    • Team Building.
    • Leading small groups.
    • Communicating the gospel.
    • Overview of Bible themes.
  • Certificate in Counselling

    Those in Christian leadership are often called to address the many issues and problems that come to us from church members and those who approach the church with a wide variety of needs. The Certificate in Counselling offers a basic introduction to the principles of counselling. There are 10 sessions that include:

    • Listening skills
    • The principles of good counselling practice
    • Guidelines for referring people to others
    • Understanding ourselves when we are counselling others
  • Diploma in Leadership

    The Diploma is intended for those who have been in some form of leadership for a while and who wish to develop their skills and knowledge. The course consists of 24 topics that would typically require 24 days of study – for example 24 Saturdays. The course includes:

    • Understanding our present culture.
    • Self-awareness (who am I?).
    • The key elements of mentoring – being mentored and mentoring others.
    • Building effective teams.


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